The Ultimate Sausage Platter (serves 5-7pax)

A carefully curated mélange of sausage varieties in this party platter featuring snail, Italian, chicken chipolata and smoked sausages will allow you and your guests to savour and explore the different flavour profiles intensified by aromatic herb and spice blends.

This sausage platter comes with:
• Chicken Snail Sausage
• Chicken Chipolata Sausages
• Italian Pork Sausages
• Smoked Spicy Chorizo Coarse Sausages (pork)
• Gherkins Cornichons
• Sauerkraut

Notes/Terms & Conditions:
*Items are packed in a disposable box. Pictures above are representations and may not reflect the actual product as they may vary from packaging to display. The Plattering Co. reserves the right to replace ingredients should there be supply shortages which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

*Prices are exclusive of GST

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