Rustic Wholemeal Sandwich Platter (12pcs)

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The Plattering Co’s scrumptious wholemeal sandwiches with generous filling in every bite. Great to share over a gathering or office party!

Sandwich platter includes:
• 12 pieces (choice of 1 or 2 flavours)

Wholemeal Sandwich Flavours:
• Classic Turkey Ham & Cheese – The evergreen combination of turkey ham and cheese, improved with creamy mayonnaise, with wholemeal bread for an enjoyable breakfast or snack!
What’s inside: turkey ham, cheese, fresh greens, mayonnaise

• Egg Truffle Mayonnaise (veg) – The Plattering Co.’s take on the classic egg mayonnaise sandwich with a drizzle of truffle oil and fresh rocket for exciting layers of flavour in every bite.
What’s inside: generous egg filling, fresh rocket, mayonnaise, truffle oil

• Pesto with Seasonal Greens (veg) – A luscious vegetarian sandwich with crunchy greens and savoury pesto for a fresh bite!
What’s inside: savoury pesto, sliced cheese, tomato, cucumber, fresh greens

*Promotion only available for delivery from now till 30 September 2023.

Notes/Terms & Conditions:
*Items are packed in a disposable box. Pictures above are representations and may not reflect the actual product as they may vary from packaging to display. The Plattering Co. reserves the right to replace ingredients should there be supply shortages which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

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