Chinese New Year Sides | Treasures of Spring Pen Cai (serves 6-8 pax)

ⓘ Only available for orders placed for 22 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

An auspicious treasure trove of deliciousness in this one pot filled to overflowing ! Our popular Chinese new Year pencai is back to welcome the new year. Beautifully-arranged decadent ingredients including abalone, scallop, tiger prawns, fish maw, roasted pork and duck, absorb the natural sweet flavour of the luxurious housemade broth.


Notes/Terms & Conditions:
*Items are packed in a ceramic pot. Pictures above are representations and may not reflect the actual product as they may vary from packaging to display. The Plattering Co. reserves the right to replace ingredients should there be supply shortages which may arise due to unforeseen circumstances.


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